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February 2019 Quick Response

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Quick Response Grants (up to $5,000)

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Thank you for your interest in the WEL Energy Trust's Quick Response Grants programme. This is a funding opportunity for grants up to a maximum of $5,000.  We have simplified the application and assessment process and will have decisions notified within four to six weeks of the closing dates. 

For applicants seeking over $5,000, please apply to the Community Support Grants programme. This is a targeted fund aligned with various Trust strategic priority areas.  The application process is more involved and requires more detailed information. 

In deciding which grant programme to apply to, the critical aspect to consider is that organisations can only receive one grant per calendar year. However if an application is unsuccessful you can make another application to the same or to a different programme later in the year. Details of the types of grants and closing dates are listed on the website.

This application form should be straightforward and easy to complete.  Please keep your responses concise and use attachments if necessary. A red * will indicate compulsory sections; you will not be able to submit the application until these are completed.  You will notice that some questions will be not accessible depending on a previous answer.  The system will allow you to complete the application over time and prompts will occur to save when exiting.  Please ensure you click the submit button when complete – if you do not receive an acknowledgement email you application has not been submitted.

We are here to help so if you have queries please do not hesitate to contact either via phone or email.  In fact if this is your first application it can be really helpful to ring and have a discussion about your project etc. 

Eligibility Check List

 Prior to commencing this application form please read the Eligibility guidelines. These include details of what we do not fund, as well as a link to a map of the Trust's region.

For all grants there are four critical questions which applicants need to answer prior to an application being made.

Please answer all four questions below.

Is your organisation a not for profit organisation? * Required
Is your organisation a registered Charity or does it have income tax exemption status with IRD? * Required
Note: an exemption from Interest and Dividend PAYE or RWT certificate does not meet this criteria.
Is your organisation located or primarily operating in the WEL Energy Trust region? * Required

Please refer to the attached map.

Has your organisation been operational for more than 12 months? * Required
Evidence of this may be required, for example Certificate of Incorporation, bank account statements or meeting minutes)

If you have ticked “No” to any one of the above questions we advise that you contact us before proceeding with an application. Either by email at or by phoning 07 8380093